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The Beyond Smart Line offers a range of affordable devices to connect your home to the cloud and automate it. No construction work or specialized labor is required – just plug in and download the app to take your home to the next level!

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Can you imagine controlling your entire home with just one device? With the devices from the Smart Beyond line, you can control an entire space through the app.


By synchronizing all the equipment in a room, such as the living room, you can send commands to the TV, Home Theater, Cable TV, Air Conditioning, Speaker, and even curtains! It can also be managed by voice command through the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant.

Beyond MINI-IR

Universal Infrared Control

Beyond Smart IR is a universal infrared controller capable of automating any equipment that already uses a remote control. Through your smartphone, you can connect all these devices to a single central hub.

Just plug and use!

The Beyond Smart Plug is an intelligent outlet that automates any connected device! Just plug it into the socket, connect your appliance, and register it in the app – you're ready to go. You can turn it on and off from anywhere, program activities, include it in customized scenarios, track the energy consumption of each appliance, and even send voice commands through virtual assistants like Alexa.

Beyond Smart Plug
Beyond Smart Switch
Beyond Smart Switch deitado

Did I forget to turn the light off?

With the Beyond Smart Switch, that question will never bother you again! Through the app, you can control all the lighting or systems in your home, such as the pool pump, irrigation, and more. Send on and off commands from anywhere, and schedule times for the system to operate. You don't need to get up from the couch to turn on the light – with just a tap on your phone or a voice command, you control your smart home.




  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n communication;

  • Built-in infrared blaster in each product. Controls electronics with remote control (air conditioning, TV, audio, projector, home theater, LED tape) with an average line of sight of 360° and a range of 15 meters.


  • Height: 50mm;

  • Width: 50mm;

  • Depth: 19mm;

  • Weight: 26g.



  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n communication;


  • One on/off control channel for activating circuits of up to 500W per Beyond device;


  • Height: 48mm;

  • Width: 52mm;

  • Depth: 18mm;

  • Weight: 58g.



  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n communication;


  • One on/off control channel for up to 10A per Beyond;

  • 10A model outlet;


  • Protection against overvoltage and overcurrent in the outlet;


  • Height: 64mm;

  • Width: 40mm;

  • Depth: 64mm;

  • Weight: 74g.


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