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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • 1 - What to do if I don't have the neutral wire?
    The neutral wire (return) is essential for the operation of your Beyond. If the switch doesn't have one, it will be necessary to pull it from a nearby point.
  • 2 - The customer has a 4x4 box, does Beyond have a solution for these cases?"
    Yes, Beyond has 4x4 adapters for these cases.
  • 3 - Is it necessary to have a ground wire to install Beyond?
    Installation with the ground wire is recommended, but optional. This is because it increases the protection of equipment that is connected to Beyond Power.
  • 4 - How many outputs can I control with a Beyond device?
    The answer varies depending on the equipment you have. With the base of Beyond One and Power, you have control over 3 outputs of up to 200W dimmable or 500W on/off. With the Smart Switch, you have control over 1 on/off output of up to 500W. With the Smart Dimmer, you have control over 1 dimmer output of up to 150W.
  • 5 - How to install the FourWay switch (intermediate switch)?
    If all wires have the same color and you want to take the return from box 1 to box 3 through box 2, and there is a phase and a neutral wire in all boxes, identify the phase using a test key with the light turned off. It will be the middle wire of one of the switches with 3 wires. Turn off the circuit breaker and disconnect the phase wire from the switch. Remove the other two wires from the switch. Isolate one and join the other with the phase wire. Turn on the circuit breaker, and in the box with four wires, measure the presence of the phase in each wire - two will be in phase. Invert the position of the switch and measure again - one will continue to have a phase, one will no longer have a phase, and one will now have a phase. Turn off the circuit breaker and isolate the wire that never received phase - it will not be used. Join the wire that remained with the phase regardless of the switch's position with one of the wires that was sometimes powered and sometimes not, and isolate the other wire. Turn on the circuit breaker and in the box with three wires, manipulate the switch to ensure the light is on. Use a test key to determine which end is powered with a phase. Isolate the wire at the non-powered end and turn off the circuit breaker. In the box where there are only two wires, one in the center (return) and one at one of the ends, join these two wires. Turn on the circuit breaker and confirm that the light is turning on. Turn off the circuit breaker and undo the connection made in step 3. The wire that was joined with the phase is the return. If you still have any questions, refer to this explanatory video.
  • 6 - What to do if one of the outputs has more than 100w?
    If one of the outputs has more than 100W, it is necessary to install a contactor. To do this, follow the Contactor Guide (image below).
  • 1 - What is a BUIC?
    BUIC is the Beyond product identifier code. It can be located on a label attached to the inside of the product.
  • 2 - Can I use my automation without internet?
    Yes, it is possible to control your lighting through the switches without internet on the One and Power products. This is possible because the devices communicate using a radio communication protocol, similar to the Zigbee protocol, which does not depend on network access. However, to control them through your smartphone, the devices need to be connected. On the other hand, the Smart line cannot be controlled without internet access.
  • 3 - What is a Beyond One?
    It is a plugless device that operates based on the Linux operating system. It communicates with Wi-Fi, serving as a 'controller' or 'hub' between devices. At least one One is required in each home (Mini devices do not require it). It communicates with Power via radio, allowing you to control lights that are not connected to this device even without the internet, through the display. See the Beyond One manual for more details.
  • 4 - What is Beyond Power?
    It is a device with a plug that does not have a Wi-Fi connection and communicates with other devices via radio. For more information look at Beyond Power manual.
  • 5 - What is a Beyond Base?
    It is a device located on the back of a One or Power. It has a connection to the electrical network and also protection against undue loads, both for connected devices (light bulbs and sockets) and for Beyond devices.
  • 6 - Does the equipment have radio frequency transmitters and receivers?
    All devices come with both transmitters and receivers, including support for leading brands in the market that also use this technology.
  • 7 - Does the equipment have infrared?
    All devices have the emitter, located in the "eye" at the bottom right with a range of 7 meters, up to 150° amplitude (One and Power) and 15 meters (Mini-ir).
  • 1 - Beyond Integration with Amazon Alexa
    Beyond has integration with Alexa, both in Portuguese and English. To integrate, you'll need to install the 'Beyond Skill' in the Alexa app.
  • 2 - Beyond integration with Google Home
    There is currently no forecast for integration.
  • 3 - How do I know if the system is online?
    Access your account on Webtools and log in. 1. Find the user's account and click on 'View Details,' then select the location and go to 'View Details.' 2. Go to Network Map; If the system is not online, in the image below, the 'excellent' on the line connecting 'cloud' to 'AACWEI' (my base buic) indicates that this base is online. The absence of the line between 'cloud' and a buic indicates that the equipment is offline. However, it is common for Webtools to give false positives, indicating an excellent connection to the cloud even when Wi-Fi has not been configured. In such cases, please reconfigure the Wi-Fi on your Beyond devices."
  • 1 - How do I access the Webtools?
    To access the webtools go to
  • 2 - How do I log in to Webtools?
    To log in, simply use the application's email and password.
  • 3 - How do I request access to my client's account?
    Log in with your Beyond account, then in the top menu, go to 'Access' and enter the email used in your client's account. It is necessary for the client to go to this account and confirm by clicking on the link they received. After that, you will be able to view the account structure and the client's devices. Furthermore, the data can be changed on the server.
  • 4 - I registered a Beyond in the wrong place, what now?"
    Log in with your Beyond account and enter the BUIC of the Beyond device. At the bottom of the page, click 'Clear' and confirm.
  • 1 - How to connect my infrared equipment to Beyond?
    You can "clone" the commands from a remote control. For this, you will need the Beyond app, the Beyond One device, and the control for the equipment. Then, simply follow the instructions in the video below:
  • 2 - The system does not obey the application, what should I do?"
    If the equipment does not recognize the commands sent by the application, the issue is likely with the equipment's Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, please check if the equipment is properly connected to the network. If it is and still doesn't work, get in touch with our support. If you wish to reconfigure the Wi-Fi connection, follow this tutorial.
  • 3 - What to do when my Beyond One doesn't update the name on the screen?
    Your device may be without connection. First, check if your smartphone, connected to Wi-Fi, has internet access; this ensures that the Wi-Fi is working. Next, verify if the commands sent via the app are executed by the Beyond devices; this confirms whether the One is online or offline. If it's positive, proceed to FAQ/Devices/Update Names. If it's negative, restart the Beyond One by removing it from the base, waiting for 10 seconds, and reinserting it, and then repeat the test. If the device still doesn't respond to app commands, you should repeat the Wi-Fi configuration process and restart the device. If, even after verifying that your device is connected to the network, follow these steps: To force the update of names on your Beyond One's screen, open your app, long-press on the room icon, click on the pencil icon (top right corner), click on the room icon, select another icon, rename the room, and click the save icon (top right corner). Close the app, repeat the process to change the room icon and name back to the originals, and check, after 1 minute, if the Beyond One has updated the name on the screen.
  • 4 - What to do when my Power doesn't update the name on the screen?
    Restart the Beyond Power and the nearby Beyond One devices in your home by removing them from the base, waiting for 10 seconds, and reinserting them. Afterward, open your app, long press on the room icon, click on the pencil icon (top right corner), click on the room icon, select another icon, rename the room, and click the save icon (top right corner). Close the app, repeat the process to change the room icon and name back to the originals, and check if the Beyond One updates the name on the screen after 1 minute.
  • I set the output to non-dimmable, but it's still possible to dim it on the Beyond One's touch screen. What should I do now?
    Use the equipment as usual; the system will automatically convert the dimming percentage to that of a non-dimmable lamp. From 0% to 50%, it will remain off, and from 51% to 100%, it will be on.
  • 6 - How do I change my Beyond app password?
    If you are logged into the app, open the side menu on the left, go to settings, and select 'Log out.' On the login screen, click 'Forgot password,' enter your email, and click 'Send link.' You will receive a link in your email to change your password. This process is in place to ensure that only the account owner can change the password.
  • "7 - I clicked 'Forgot password,' and I didn't receive an email, what now?
    Check all your inboxes. The email may be in the spam folder, for example. If the email is not in any of your email inboxes, close the app, end your process, open the app again, and repeat the link sending process.
  • 8 - Lamps turning on or off without command. What to do?
    Observe whether at the exact moment the lamp changes state, any equipment beyond turns on the blue display. The beyond that lights up the display can be in another room, for example the lamp in the living room changes state and the display in the bedroom beyond lights up. You must lower the sensitivity of the Beyond touch that lights up the display.
  • 9 - Light bulbs don't dim, what should I do?
    Identify which output from which base controls the lamp that should dim and carry out the procedure in the video:
  • 10 - What to do when LED lamps blink?
    LED bulbs may flicker when turning on, off, or while turned off. To resolve this, you need to identify which output on which base controls the flickering bulb. Add a Snubber filter between the return and the neutral. Refer to the image below for instructions on how to perform the procedure, and also watch this video.
  • 11 - Lights won't turn off, what to do?
    First, it is necessary to identify which output from which base controls the light that does not turn off. After this, unscrew the base from the wall and remove only the return cable that controls the specific light. With the Beyond device in front of the base, control the other lights through the app and check if they are all responding. Using a test key, check if the other outputs from the base in question are changing state with the command in the app, and then check the output from which the return was removed. If the output turns off normally when the return is not connected, add snubber filters between the return and the neutral wire until the light can be turned off. If the output does not turn off even with the return removed, the output is likely burnt. We recommend that you investigate the cause of the burnout to prevent it from happening again. Contact our technical service to have the output on your base repaired. You can also relocate the return to another output if there is availability on your device. The burnout of an output does not affect the overall operation of Beyond; it just means that you won't be able to control the burnt output.
  • 12 - My Beyond can't find any Wi-Fi network, how can I solve it?
    Carefully check if you are following the steps presented in the app correctly and if, during the moment when the Beyond device searches for available networks, your smartphone is connected to the 'BEYOND AABBC' network, where AABBC is the unique code for your Beyond, printed on the label behind it. Make sure that the distance between your Beyond and your Wi-Fi router is short enough for a strong network signal. If possible, move your Beyond device closer to the router or your router closer to the Beyond device and repeat the process, checking if the Beyond finds the network. Beyond devices are compatible only with Wi-Fi networks on the 2.4GHz frequency. Ensure that your Wi-Fi network is configured for this frequency (not 5GHz).

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